Like many young people, I thought I knew it all by the age of 16. Now at the age of 40, I can honestly say that I had no idea what I was talking about back then. Unfortunately, by the time I had figured that out, I had already passed up the opportunity to go to college on a scholarship and was stuck working a minimum wage job at a local fast food restaurant.
As I was approaching 30, I began to really question whether or not I would be able to accomplish any of my goals with the education I had. After all, most professions that required nothing more than a high school diploma were only willing to pay minimum wage which simply was not enough to realize my dreams of owning a home or buying a brand new car.
I began to think that the only way I would ever get ahead was to take a step back in time and go to college. The only problem was, with a mountain of debt and current obligations to pay, I simply could not afford to take even a single day off of work to pursue my education.
Just as I began to really believe that my situation was hopeless, I saw an ad for a customer service representative in my local newspaper classifieds. Up until this point, I had always assumed that a customer service representative was just a fancy way of saying cashier. So needless to say I was a bit surprised to see they were offering more than twice the minimum wage.
I decided to apply for the position. Two weeks and a very successful interview later, I was hired for my new position as a CSR. Even more surprising than my ability to land the job was my discovery that the role of a CSR was nothing like I thought it was.
It has been 10 years now since I accepted my first position as a CSR and I am now scheduled to close on my first home in just 20 days. My ability to reach this goal has inspired to me to start a website that encourages and educates others concerning the role of a customer service representative.