If you live near neighbors, you may feel at times that you wish you had more privacy. Or, perhaps you live in the city, in an apartment or townhouse, which hinders spending time in your outdoor space due to the close proximity with others. Enjoy your outdoor area by coming up with clever ways to maintain privacy, and keep nosy neighbors out of your business.

Try these tricks to reclaim your yard and regain your privacy:

Create a barrier. The easiest way to keep prying eyes out of your business is to create a barrier, such as a faux ivy fence or trellis. These can obscure the view of passersby, neighbors, and others when you are spending time in your yard or on your property. If you position these against exterior walls of your house, near your windows, you can also prevent people from being able to look inside your home, too.

Build a fence. Fences do make the best kind of neighbors. The key is to construct an aesthetically appealing, high-quality fence which will complement the properties that it divides. Be sure that you know your property lines well before building; it might save time, money, and prevent conflict to get a professional land survey done first.

Invest in window treatments. If your concern is that others can see into your home, invest in some high-end window treatments to obscure the view. Consider installing storm-shutters to bring a protective barrier to your windows, which is useful in foul weather or to prevent intrusion.

Erect a structure. Any kind of backyard structure can also prevent people from seeing into your outdoor space and dampening your enjoyment of your property. Plus, a simple storage shed, work-shop, or garden tender makes an excellent addition to your home, potentially increasing your property’s value.

Use landscaping strategically. The right plants, foliage, and trees can prevent anyone from being able to peer into your backyard and invade your family’s privacy. Talk with landscape professionals about the fastest growing trees in your grow zone, and about native species of grasses, ivy, or climbers that may obscure your space from the outside world.

Maintain and protect your privacy when enjoying your privacy with these simple strategies. Whether you have nosy neighbors, heavy pedestrian traffic, or you live in an open, exposed area, these ideas will help create a barrier between you and the rest of the world. For more ideas, talk to a professional like EZ-Ivy.