After a family member passes away, you may be given the responsibility of handling their things. This means that you may have inherited a home that you intend to sell as well as belongings to distribute to others. Going through this process can take several months of contacting family and getting inherited items to their right destinations, which can require you to put selling the property on hold.

If you want to speed up this process, you should greatly consider renting a storage unit for the items in the home, and here’s why:

Helps You Distribute Items Over Time

Putting most or all of the inherited belongings in a storage unit will take a lot of stress off your shoulders. No longer will the items get in your way when you’re trying to get the house ready to sell. When you keep everything in a storage unit, you won’t need to make any quick decisions over which items to keep and which to discard.

To best protect the items, you should pick a climate-controlled unit, as this will prevent damage to furniture and papers. Getting pallets to put on the bottom of the unit is an ideal way to avoid damage from wet floors. However, this is only a concern if you get a storage unit in an outdoor facility. 

Makes It Easy to Get a Deep Cleaning

A standard house cleaning is not going to be enough to get a house ready for showing to home buyers. A deep cleaning service should take care of almost everything that you need to get done, and a storage unit will allow you to clear the house of belongings so the cleaners aren’t obstructed. If the furniture you are putting in storage is rather dirty, you may want to keep it around temporarily to include in the service. Carpets, windows, and screens are some other things that you should add to get cleaned before selling.

Allows You to Stage the House

If some of the inherited furniture is neutral in style and in excellent condition, you may want to use it for staging the home. For pieces that do not meet both of these necessities, it is best to put them in storage. However, this may leave you with a somewhat empty home, and this is not ideal for staging. This is where you can invest in rental furniture that you know will help you attract more buyers and sell quickly.

It is easy to not even think about renting a storage unit when your inherited home already provides storage. But renting a storage unit will be your best bet for selling the house as fast as possible. Find a storage facility through a website like to get started.