Screen printing, also known as silkscreen, serigraph printing, or serigraphy is a printing technique that involves using mesh to put ink onto another medium. The name printing screen stems from the fact that the process involves a porous screen. Screen printing is a method of printing that can be manual or automated. Naturally, there are a plethora of benefits to investing in this method when you need signs printed for your business.

Benefit #1: Bulk Ordering

Screen printing can be cost effective for businesses needing large amounts of signs. Financially, this is a process that is ideal if you are purchasing more than 25 screen printed signs. Also, since large amounts of signs can be printed before the need to reapply the ink, this process keeps ink costs low as well.

The downside to this is detailed graphics and large amounts of colors make the process more difficult, and drives the cost up.

Benefit #2: More Vibrant Colors

Even though less ink is used with screen printing, the ink is applied thicker than with digital printing. The result is a more vibrant sign, which is great for your business as it makes the sign more attention grabbing. Another benefit of the ink used and the process to applied to it is that the colors are embedded more deeply into the sign, which also keeps the colors vibrant for longer.

Benefit #3: Variety of Surfaces

Screen printing offers a broader choice in surfaces to be printed. Surfaces such as textiles, acrylics, plastics, and many others can be used as a base for the sign. This gives businesses the flexibility to gear the sign for the location where it will be needed.

Benefit #4: Durability

With the variety of surfaces, the weather-resistant inks, and the nature of the process itself, screen printed signs are incredibly durable. The inks do not easily wash off or peel as often happens with other printing techniques.

Benefit #5: Specialty Inks and Textures

Screen printing loans itself better to specialty inks and textures than digital printing. Reflective inks will clog the nozzles of a digital printers, but screen printing can make use of these inks quite well.

Also possible are deeper textured lettering for a braille-like finish. Inks that give a tactile response, or that give a scent or color change in reaction to light or heat can be used more easily than with digital printing.

Benefit #6: Saturation Levels

Printers like screen printing inks over digital printing inks, because it saturates the base better. These inks also come in a wider variety of colors that cannot be used in digital print machines. The thickness of the ink layer does not lend itself well to the subtler color variations; it tends to be best for bold colors.

As you can see, there are all sorts of benefits to investing in screen-printed signs for your business. Contact a company like ABC Stamp Signs & Awards for more information.