After your last direct mail campaign, you were very disappointed with the response rate. You might have thought that you used clever direct mail techniques that should have worked flawlessly. However, if you damage your target audience’s sense of trust, you will be much less likely to make a sale. Here are a few tactics you shouldn’t use and better alternatives.

Don’t Use Misleading Subject Lines On Envelopes

Do not use subject lines that are very misleading. For instance, you may have a subject line that states “critical information: open immediately.” Then, when the recipient opens the letter, he or she discovers that the letter is simply an advertisement. This approach causes your sales pitch to immediately seem untrustworthy, significantly reducing the odds that the letter won’t be opened.

Instead: Clarify The Purpose Of The Letter

Concisely explain the purpose of the envelope. For instance: “30% off your cable bill.” Then, make sure that the letter really offers the discount.

Don’t Use Envelopes Without A Logo Or Letterhead

Many direct marketing campaigns use plain envelopes without information necessary to immediately identify the purpose of the envelope. This encourages the recipient to open the envelope to verify the contents of the envelope. But once the recipient discovers that the letter is an advertisement, he or she will feel tricked and be less likely to lead to a commission.

Instead: Include “Advertising” Or Something Similar On The Envelopes

There is no way to get around the fact that your letter is an advertisement. Being honest about this will respect the recipient’s intelligence. The types of recipients who would respond to your direct mail would not be deterred by the word “advertising” being displayed explicitly on the envelope. Also, you should include the most important information that your recipient needs to make a decision. Think about the most exciting part of your proposition and do not place this section deep within the letter. Instead, place the proposition on the envelope.

Ideally, you should hire a direct marketing firm like Printing Express. Effective direct mail campaigns are more of a science than an art. If you do not have the know-how to manage an effective campaign, your response rates will inevitably be low. Direct mail specialists can engage in relentless testing to find out which envelope will produce the best response rate. With regular testing, you can find the optimal direct mail approach and adapt to changing consumer behaviors.