Skip tracing is a type of business whereby you take down all of the possible leads and connections to a missing person and try to find that person. Skip tracing assets and services have innumerable applications, the best of which is contributing to the search of a missing family member or bringing a criminal to justice. If you would like to know how you can make a difference in your community as a skip-tracer, here are some examples.

Searching for Lost, Exploited, Missing or Runaway Children

There is probably nothing more heartbreaking than losing a child to kidnapping. A parent never knows for sure if his/her child is still alive, where to look, etc., but your services can make a difference because you have more resources at your fingertips than the parents ever had. You can work off of leads, track down the original witnesses to the kidnapping (if there were any), uncover new witnesses and leads and maybe find some lost children. It can be very rewarding work for you as well as the distraught parents, even if your leads eventually lead you to a child’s remains, which provides closure to a child’s family. As for finding runaway children, you can find them and either encourage them to come home or report their whereabouts to the police and the department of child protective services.

Searching for Escaped Criminals, Ex-Cons and Persons of Interest

In a world filled with street cameras, it is very difficult for any criminal to escape from jail or prison and go unnoticed somewhere. Some police departments do not have the manpower to search every camera and follow every lead to re-apprehend an escaped criminal, but you do. You can help keep these offenders off the street. You can also dedicate your business to the cause of finding ex-cons and persons of interest in criminal investigations, which can lead to re-arrests, new arrests of new offenders and safer streets for the entire community.  

Searching Backgrounds to Prevent Abuse 

Many people might come to you looking to hire a nanny, a nurse or nurse’s aid for their parents or a caregiver for their family members who have disabilities. They want to prevent abuse while providing good care for their families when they themselves cannot. You may even be asked by some people to check the backgrounds of people they are dating so that they do not become victims of assault and abuse. Your background checks on the lists of people provided you means that you are actively contributing to the prevention of child abuse, elder abuse and abuse of those with disabilities.