As a small business owner, you have a limited amount of resources and money to use in order to make your business succeed. Making your small business more green can be affordable and time-effective if you target the right areas.

Call Up Your Waste Removal Services

The first thing that you need to do if you want to make your small business more green is call up your waste removal service company. Most waste removal companies are willing to work with you to help you figure out how to reduce the waste that your business produces. A representative should be able to inform you about their recycling programs. 

With a limited amount of time and resources, your time would best be served by focusing on implementing the recycling programs that your waste management service provider already has in place instead of working with multiple waste management service providers.

Start With Paper

One of the most basic and easiest ways to make your business more green is to start by recycling paper, if your waste management company provides these services. You can purchase paper recycling bins from your waste management company to use throughout your business, or simple cardboard boxes to sort that paper.

In addition to setting up recycling bins throughout your business, you can make efforts to reduce your paper waste. Send off memos via email instead of printing them out for each employee. Create a central place to post announcements instead of sending them out individually. Reuse paper that is only printed on one-side in your fax machine and for business notes. Cutting down on paper waste will help your bottom line as well.

Buy In Bulk

Next, try to eliminate the waste that you create from products you purchase. If possible, purchase products in bulk in containers that use less packaging. Packaging can create a lot of waste, so if this is an issue for your company, being more vigilant with what you buy and how it is packaged may be all you need to do to reduce the waste your business creates.

Switch To Reusable Products

Finally, try to switch to reusable products whenever possible. This does not have to happen all at once, but can be something that you work on and invest in over time. For example, you can switch out the disposable cups and plates in your break room with reusable cups and plates. Although this does require a small up-front investment, it should cut down on your repetitive point. 

As a small business owner, you can make your business more green by working with your waste management provider to see what recycling services they offer and implement them at your workplace. By making small changes over time, you can advertise that you have a green business without breaking the bank. For more information, check out