Jewelry stores require extra security precautions due to the high value of the inventory and the potentially large amounts of money changing hand with some transactions. Proper security measures go beyond an alarm and camera system. Here are a few options for security services in your store.

Locked Entrances

You can monitor the traffic flow into your store and limit access to people you might think are suspicious by creating a locked entrance. This basically entails having two front doors with a vestibule between them. A security guard should stay positioned at the entrance, preferably behind a small security desk. You can include a small slot for potential customers to pass through identification that the security guard can then check. If the guard feels confident in letting the people in, they are granted access. If not, they are told the store is not currently accepting new customers. You may want to limit access to your store by providing appointment-only service, particularly if you deal in extremely high-end jewels.

Armored Car Services

Taking cash deposits to the bank can be a risky endeavor should you choose to take it on yourself. Instead, hire an armored car service to pick up daily cash and check deposits and transfer them to the bank for you. The car service can also be used to facilitate jewelry deliveries from your vendors to ensure they don’t get lost or stolen through traditional shipping services. Ask your local armored car company about any additional services they might offer.

Overnight Security

Hiring overnight security services can stop would-be thieves who attempt to take advantage of your business after it is closed. The security guard can monitor the cameras for any suspicious activity and contact the local authorities if anything goes awry. If you have a wall safe and your store shares a wall with another business, the overnight security guard can detect whether or not someone is trying to gain entry into your safe through the other side of the wall. Depending on the laws in your city or town, you may be able to hire an armed security guard. Your local security services company can provide you with details about which types of security enforcement is available.

Choosing the right security services for your jewelry store will protect your inventory and your investment in your business. Work with local security companies like Intellex Security to find the perfect solutions for your business.