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How to Effectively Market Your Concession Stand

Marketing your concession stand is quite different from marketing a standard restaurant. It can sometimes be difficult to attract customers who are passing by during an event, especially when there is a plethora of choices at their fingertips. The following tips will help you increase your customer base and ensure you have a successful concession stand.

Place Signage Where it Can Be Seen from a Distance

At busy fairs and festivals, there will often be thousands of people ready to eat at your concession stand. One mistake many concession stands make is having their menu in small lettering where only those in line can see. Standing in line just to see what you offer can be very frustrating for customers. Instead, place your signs above your booth so they can be seen from a distance. Consider having two or more from different vantage points so that customers can not only see your menu but also have their minds made up ahead of time, expediting the process.

Keep the Stand Clean and Orderly

One of the most complained about areas of concession stands are those that are messy with items thrown about. A messy stand gives the impression that you do not care about your business and even that the food isn’t sanitary. Although you can get busy at times, take a few moments several times a day to clean up your stand. Wipe down counters, pick up trash, and straighten out condiment areas. Also refill napkins, plastic cutlery, and any other items that your customer will need.

Don’t “Hawk” Your Customers

One of the most annoying things a concession stand owner can do is yell out, or hawk, those walking past your booth. Doing so can be startling and even upsetting to many people. Avoid this marketing tactic, as it may deter those who would have otherwise eaten at your stand.

Have an Authentic Menu

Imitation is often the best form of flattery, but that is not the case in the world of food service. Although it is likely at a busy location that you and another vendor will be serving similar items, make sure you are using your own recipes and ideas. If your menu is identical to another booth’s, it will appear that you are attempting to copy their success. Unfortunately, this does not work out in the long run and could have a costly result for you. Instead, focus on what you do best and have a unique and satisfying menu that will make give you a name in the world of concessions.

Taking the time to ensure that you have a neat, clean stand with nice signage and a great menu will ensure you have success at your next event. Make sure to always have winning customer service and a good attitude. All of these components add up to a successful business. If you need to rent concession trailer equipment, contact a company like CS Techs Inc

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How To Pick Out The Right Mattress For Your Child

Buying a mattress for yourself is relatively easy—you know what you like and what you are looking for. When you are at the mattress store purchasing a new mattress for a child’s bed, though, it can become more challenging. What size mattress should you pick, and what type of mattress is best? Are there any things you should avoid? Fortunately, this guide can help you answer some of the biggest questions so you are sure to pick out the best mattress possible for your child.

Question #1: What size mattress should you choose?

Answer: The best way to answer this question is to have a sleeping plan in place for your child. For only children or younger children, you may want to skip the toddler bed and go straight to the full size option. This is because your child will quickly outgrow a small toddler mattress and you will need to replace it. This can be a waste of money if there is no one else to pass the old, but barely used, toddler mattress down to.

Opt for a twin size bed at the very least if you want the mattress to see your child through the teen years. If you have room, a full size bed is better since it can act as a guest bed in a pinch, and can also make a more comfortable bed for those childhood sleepovers. If bunk beds may be in your future, consider getting an all-in-one box spring–mattress combo, since these can be used on regular frames and bunk bed frames. As an added bonus, the mattress is lower so it’s easier for small children to climb into bed.

Question #2: What materials are best for a child’s mattress?

Answer: Many parents are wary about chemicals and off-gassing in a mattress. If this is a concern for your family, or if allergies are already a problem, you may want to purchase a mattress made from organic cotton or wool. If chemical sensitivities are an issue, skip the foam mattresses, since these are made from polyurethane and may off-gas.

Question #3: Is cleaning an issue?

Answer: Children will have accidents, whether it’s a bed-wetting incident or a bout of a stomach bug. There are mattresses available with vinyl covers, which allows you to simply wipe them clean. A better option, though, is a good mattress bag. You can purchase waterproof bags that zip around the mattress. Not only does this make cleaning a snap, it also helps prevent allergens and dust mites from settling into the mattress. These covers can prolong the life of the mattress so it lasts your child into adulthood.

Question #4: Should you get a warranty?

Answer: It’s always best to pick a mattress that comes with a warranty. Children can be especially hard on mattresses, sometimes using them as a trampoline instead of a bed! If your child is especially energetic, you may even want to consider purchasing an extended warranty. This way you can get a replacement for the mattress if damage occurs, instead of having your child deal with an uncomfortable broken spring.

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