Storage units don’t have to be used for just storing your personal items. If you’re looking for extra space for your start-up business or your hobbies, a storage unit might be perfect for you. Use this guide as inspiration for unique ways to use storage units.

Portrait Studio

For beginning photographers, renting a full studio might be cost prohibitive. Renting a storage unit, on the other hand, can be an affordable way to get your business off the ground. A climate-controlled facility makes it easy to work year round, and the storage unit can be used for photo shoots and for storing your equipment when not in use.

Band Practice

Whether you are in a band and need rehearsal space or you want to get your teenager’s band out of your garage, a self storage unit provides the perfect alternative for practices and jam sessions. There typically won’t be a lot of people to disturb with the loud music, and the space in the storage unit is ample for a standard guitar-bass-drums equipment setup. Be sure to check with the storage facility to see if this is permissible, and ask if you can rent a storage unit with enough electrical outlets for all your amplifiers and equipment.

Product Assembly And Distribution

If you are starting a small business, you may need space to start producing and shipping your product. Renting warehouse space might be out of your reach, but you may be able to budget a storage space rental. Moving your production to the storage facility frees your home of the clutter that comes with starting a small business and gives you room to store packaging materials as well as your finished product. You can even set up your printer and a computer in the storage unit so you can process orders and print mailing labels all in one place.

A Quiet Retreat

Sometimes, your house is too loud or busy for you to ever get the chance to really relax and unwind. You can set up your storage area to be your own private retreat from the rest of the world. Add a cozy reclining armchair or sofa sleeper to the room along with a cozy area rug and a few reading lights. You now have the perfect place to curl up with a good book. You can also add a mini refrigerator and a television to the space if you want to get away to watch the big game. No matter how you use your storage space, you’ll have a convenient place to escape the noise of the outside world.

There are countless ways to use a self storage unit besides storing your old sweaters or Christmas tree. Let this guide be your inspiration to help you find the perfect use for a self storage unit. For more information, speak directly with professionals like J & B Mini Storage.