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Longterm Care and Storage Tips for Your Boat

When you want to be sure that you are making the absolute most of your boat, there are a variety of points of maintenance that you should understand. Keeping up with your maintenance will allow you to properly store your boat, keep it clean, and make sure that it runs as efficiently as possible. With this in mind, take the points below into consideration and use them productively for the care of your favorite boat. 

Secure Boat Storage and Use It Wisely

Learning proper boat storage is half the battle when it comes to excellent boat maintenance. So once you purchase a boat, your next big investment should be to find excellent storage for it. This remains true whether you have your own on-site storage or rent out a storage space from a company like Home Port Self Storage to keep your boat safe throughout the months and years. When you are ready to store your boat, always make sure that it is pristinely clean so that it makes it through the winter without experiencing wear and tear while simply being in storage. Washing the top decks and providing a coating of wax for all surfaces will prevent corrosion from setting in and causing damage to your boat. You should also take good care of your fluids by flushing the coolant, changing your engine oil, and providing thorough lubrication for all moving parts. Handling these matters before storing your boat will help you maximize storage and keep your boat in the best condition possible.

Take Care of the Propeller

Keeping up with your propeller maintenance will allow your boat to move freely and keep it in great condition without wasting precious time on repairs. You should periodically inspect the propeller to be sure it is not experiencing dents, scratches, or other costly damage. When the propeller is not able to freely extended itself and move, your engine will overwork and may even freeze up. Keeping tabs on the propeller gives you the best performance because it is able to reach optimum speeds while retaining a sharp measure of control and driveability.

Find Help from Boat Repair Contractors

Developing a relationship with a boat maintenance and repair contractor is one of the best things you can do as a boat owner. Whether they put your boat on a service plan or simply provide annual inspections and preventative maintenance, your boat will run better and last longer in these situations. Choosing a licensed and insured boat shop you can trust will also help you to make upgrades as necessary while avoiding preventable mistakes.

Keep these tips handy and use them so you can make the most out of your boat ownership.

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Three Things To Know When Buying Jewelry From A Pawn Shop

When looking for a great piece of jewelry to get for someone special, it is important to take the time to look at the jewelry that is available at your local pawn shop. Many people assume that pawn shops do not have as high of quality pieces of jewelry as actual jewelry shops, but that is not the case at all. The following guide walks you through three things that you need to know about buying jewelry at a pawn shop.   

Has a Large Selection

The pawn shop will have a larger selection of jewelry than you may think. Many of the shops have jewelry sections for gold, silver, and even platinum jewelry. The pieces have been tested and authenticated as being made from a specific type of metal and the gems are certified as being real and often given a grade.

Buys Old Jewelry

A great way to cut down on the cost you pay for the jewelry is to sell some of your old jewelry to the pawn shop. There are some shops that will offer you more money for your jewelry if you choose to get store credit rather than getting cash for the jewelry that you sell to them. You can put the store credit toward the jewelry that you buy and cut down on the money that you actually pay out of pocket for the pieces you choose.

Can Size the Jewelry

The pawn shop often has the equipment that is needed to size pieces of jewelry to fit someone perfectly. Having jewelry sized allows you to choose from any piece of jewelry the store has in stock without worrying about what size it is. Some pieces of jewelry cannot be sized, though. Rings that have intricate detailing that goes around the entirety of the band cannot always be sized because the detailing will be difficult to match up when the jeweler sizes the ring. 

When you go to look for a piece of jewelry at a pawn shop (such as West Covina Pawn), don’t be afraid to tell the associate at the shop what you are looking for specifically. The associate can help you narrow down the selection of jewelry that is available to help you find the right piece to suit your needs as quickly as possible. Most people do not care where you buy their jewelry from as long as it is real. The jewelry offered at the pawn shop will be very affordable and worth the investment that you make.

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