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4 Ways To Score Big At Estate Sales

Scoring big at estate sales takes practice and planning. Advance preparation will increase your chances of walking away with some great deals. If you’re about to go to your first estate sale, there are some things you’ll need to know before you go. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Haggle

A price tag doesn’t mean the price is set in stone. In fact, most sellers leave a little bit of wiggle room in their pricing. If you see something you want, be willing to make an offer. Have a price in your mind and then offer less than that. When the seller makes a counter offer, come back with the original price you wanted to pay.

Avoid the First Day

Most estate sales are scheduled over several days. Avoid the first day of the sale. The seller may be less-inclined to negotiate lower prices during the first few hours of the sale. This is because they want to hold out for a better offer later on. Instead, plan your shopping for the last day of the sale. The seller will be anxious to unload the inventory and may have lowered their asking prices.

Look for Last Minute Bargains and Freebies

While you’re making your purchases, take a look at the inventory that’s still available. Ask the seller what they’ll be doing with the items that don’t sell. If they’re not sure, come back in the final hours of the sale and offer to take the items off their hands.

This is a great way to get bargain-basement pricing on the items you wanted. In some cases, you may be able to get some freebies, especially on items that the seller doesn’t want to transport.

Don’t Avoid Unmarked Items

You may be tempted to pass over an item that hasn’t been priced. However, you may be passing over a good deal on something you want. If you find an item without a price tag, take it directly to the seller and make an offer. If they don’t accept your offer, simply set the item down and walk away. If the seller is desperate, they may accept your offer once they see that you’re willing to leave.

You can find great deals at estate sales. The trick is to know what you’re doing before you get there. These simple tips will help you snag some good deals at the next estate sale you attend.

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Four Questions To Ask To Determine What Security System Is Right For Your Home

Everyone should be able to feel safe in their home, which is why many homeowners should choose to install a security system. A security system is the best way to protect your assets, as well as your family, from any harm. However, with so many security system options available to you, how are you ever to know the right one to choose? Here are four questions to ask yourself to help make this determination:

  1. Rent or Own?: If you rent, then the best option is to choose a wireless system. After all, you aren’t going to be able to wire a system through the walls of your rented home since this can cause issues with your security deposit. Plus, with a wireless system, you will be able to take it with you to the next home that you move into. When you own your home, you will have many other considerations to make since you can pretty much install any security system you please. 
  2. Moving Soon?: If you plan on moving within the next three years, then you have to keep the contract with the security company in mind. If a security company wants a long-term contract from you, for example, then you will have to look at other options. The best option to choose if you plan on moving is a security company that offers a contract that includes moving programs. These programs will allow the security company to transfer your service plan to your next home.
  3. Mobile?: If you use your mobile phone for practically everything, then you should consider setting up your security system to be linked to your phone. This feature will allow you to control your home’s security features through your phone. If you want to choose this option, then you have to seek out a security company that has security systems that allow control through mobile devices. 
  4. Security Cameras?: Most homeowners don’t need security cameras. Security cameras can be expensive and not worth it for protecting your family. However, you probably will find that security cameras are worth it in your case if you travel often or have a large home that needs the extra protection. You will be able to monitor who is in your home at all times while you are away, and you will be able to catch intruders in the act before they are able to do any damage. 

By considering these four things before choosing a security system for your home, you can be sure that you will be more clear about what kind of security system is the best one for you. For more information, contact a company like Security Services Northwest, Inc.

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What Skills Trucking Employers Want In A CDL Driver

Just because you have your CDL doesn’t mean you’re a shoe-in for just any job. There are certain skills and attributes you should have that can make you more attractive to employers. From your work history to your reliability, learn how to get hired as a CDL driver more quickly by knowing just what trucking employers are looking for.

Clean criminal and driver history

Trucking companies want an employee who has a clean record. A clean record on your end shows potential employers that you are not only a person with a positive criminal and driving history, but someone whom they don’t have to look at as a liability if they choose to hire you. A few misdemeanor speeding tickets or something similar is fine to have on your record, as long as you are honest about these past dings when asked for this information.

Driving experience

You don’t have to have truck driving experience to get hired at a trucking company, but you should have some kind of experience driving a larger vehicle. Whether you have driven a school bus or a beet truck in the past, make sure you include this information on your resume.

Special training

If you went to a truck driving school, you should list that on your resume, even if it was a requirement of your state prior to getting a CDL. There may be other applicants who did not go to truck driving school and didn’t learn the special safety skills that you learned. If you have gone though any other training, such as night driving or hazardous chemical training, this is beneficial for your resume to get hired as a CDL driver as well.

If you are interested in further schooling, you can contact your local DMV office to see what kind of classes you can take. Classes you can take include:

  • learning maps and GPS systems
  • backing up, turning, and hooking a trailer
  • emergency training for hydroplaning and other road dangers

Any other skills or training

Unrelated skills and training can still be impressive on a resume when applying as a CDL driver. If you are CPR certified, have a business degree, or even technical training in any field, list this on your resume. It shows potential employers that you are educated and willing to learn new things, which can help you move up in the trucking job industry.

If you have your CDL, you can improve your chances of getting a great job by making your resume look stellar. Part of doing this involves listing all your truck driving skills and other training, along with having a relatively clean driving and criminal history.

To find out about driving opportunities in your area, contact a company such as Montu Staffing Solutions.

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