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Buying Gold Jewelry? What You Need To Know About White Gold

If you’re buying gold for the very first time, you might think that you have to buy only yellow gold for it to be a good gift. The truth is that white gold is just as coveted by many men and women. As you being shopping and researching, you’ll learn that white gold isn’t actually pure gold. What you’re buying is 14K or 18K gold mixed with other metals. This guide provides you with the details you need to know about white gold jewelry.

What Makes White Gold

When jewelers create a jewelry piece out of gold, they mix other metals with the gold to create a hard piece. These metals include:

  • zinc
  • copper
  • nickel
  • palladium
  • silver

If the jeweler wants to create a white gold piece, he or she uses more palladium or silver and less copper to create the shine that one comes to expect from a white gold piece.

How Rhodium is Applied

Once the piece has been completed, the jeweler electroplates it with a thin layer of rhodium. Rhodium is cheaper than platinum, but offers the same appearance.

The process entails dipping the piece into rhodium and then using an electrical current in an electrolyte solution to harden that material onto the piece.

How to Care for White Gold

Clean your white gold piece the same way you would any other gold item. However, if you’re wearing a white gold ring, be careful that you don’t expose it to harsh household cleaning chemicals such as bleach, because those products can slowly eat away at the rhodium.

Remove your white gold jewelry before going into a chlorinated pool, because it will have the same effect as household cleaners.

Rinse off your jewelry and dry it off immediately after exposure if you do accidentally expose it to these chemicals.

With proper care, you can reduce the need for having the electroplating repaired or reapplied.

Changing White Gold to a Different Color

While it’s possible to have white gold electroplated to a different color, such as yellow or rose, you will notice spots of white as the electroplating wears off instead of just a dull white.

Ask your jeweler, such as The Jewelry Buyer, about white gold and the types of jewelry that are in the most demand. Because this color of gold offers a rich and classic look, it’s likely that any jewelry piece you purchase won’t go out of style anytime soon.

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3 Actions That A HOA Management Group Can Take To Help You

When you’re forming a homeowner’s association, you might not realize the sheer amount of work that’s involved. Not only will you need to find members, you will also need to make sure that they are elected through a fair process, have clearly defined jobs, and are committed to making sure that they make your community better. This is a huge task. Because of the enormity of what you have to do while you organize the homeowner’s association, you will want to consider getting help with the bureaucratic details. A homeowner’s association (HOA) management company will be able to assist you with three main details and keep you sane in the process.

1. Maintain and Update Your Website

Every HOA should have a website on which notifications about the state of the community, meetings, and other information can be posted. An HOA management company will not be able to create the website, but once you’ve had a professional web development company make your website, they will be able to maintain it. This means that all you need to do is feed the HOA management company the information that you want on the website. This can be as simple as shooting them an email with all of the meetings for a single month. Then, the HOA will update the website with this information. 

Having a company do this will allow you to ensure that the website is displaying the information correctly and that everyone is up-to-date on any meetings.

2. Maintainenance

Suppose that your HOA gets together and decides to raise the funds for a pool in your neighborhood. This is great because it means that there is a place for everyone in the neighborhood to come and relax. The only problem is that now you have to deal with cleaning it and maintaining it regularly. Hiring an HOA management company will take this task off of your plate, as well as any communal lawn maintenance or general cleaning.

3. Helping You Budget

An HOA management company will be sure that you have a clear budget based on the needs of your community and it will provide you with tips and the accountability that you need in order to maintain a balanced budget. This will ensure that your HOA is financially stable and has the funds for any projects during the course of the year.

For more information about the services that an HOA management company provides, contact them directly.

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