Many people who have looked into taking surveys for cash online wonder if there is a “catch” to these websites. You may wonder if they are collecting your information to try to sell you things later on, or if they are collecting information to help target your internet advertisements. The truth is that legitimate websites that offer the ability to take surveys for cash do not share your personal information with anyone, and only your demographic information is shared with the companies that pay them to administer their surveys.

When you sign up with a legitimate a website to take surveys for cash, you typically only give them your full name and address for accounting reasons and so they know who to send payment to. When you fill out their surveys for the companies they work with, the company is not told your name or personal identifying information, but instead the company is only told simple demographic information. This information may include your zip code, age, gender, and other basic, non-identifying information. The field you work in may also be included in the information they collect, but never your specific workplace. To ensure that your information stays private, you should only work with a verified, legitimate survey website, such as